Kelly Valve Sales & Service

Products & Services

* Repairs of the TDS11 Top Drive System
*  Repairs of the Upper and Lower TDS11 Valves used on the TDS11 Top Drive System
*  New TDS11 Upper and Lower Valves
*  New Replacement Double Ball Valves and Actuators used on Tesco Top Drive at competitive prices
* New Saver Subs of all sizes

KELLY VALVE also repairs:
*  Hydraulic HCR Gate Valves
*  Manual Gate Valves
*  Upper and Lower Kelly Valves
*  Inside BOP Dart Valves 

In addition, we offer new valve replacement, and purchase is available for any of the above mentioned equipment.

The repair of the Hi KALIBRE-made Actuator used on this Tesco Top Drive is a specialty at KELLY VALVE.  OEM overhaul and repair is very important to us here at KELLY VALVE.

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